Trends for the Next Decade #2

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Ecosystem Design

Are platform providers also attacking your traditional business? Develop your business further through ecosystem partnering!

Value creation and purely competitive strategies alone are no longer a guarantee for success. Just as Microsoft without partners, just as Amazon without the Marketplace, just as 'made for iPhone' and the App Store have already become proverbial, other industries must also organise their value creation in networks and partnerships. New alliances are constantly being forged, competitors are becoming partners, the boundaries between industries are blurring. 

Our Recommended Actions

  • Identify Ecosystems: Identify cross-industry synergy potential. 
  • Co-Opetition: Enter into new alliances in a targeted manner - even with supposed competitors.
  • Ecosystem Role: Clearly define your own role in the business ecosystem.
  • Customer First: Take the customer's perspective to align your ecosystem.
  • E2E Value: Develop your ecosystem to provide integrative end-to-end solutions.
  • Ecosystem Design: Develop a technical architecture to flexibly design and evolve your ecosystem.
  • Focus: Complexity in the ecosystem increases coordination efforts and integration costs - always keep the balance between elementary and "nice-to-have" partners.
  • Culture & Organization: Create a dynamic culture and promote open and flexible organizational structures so that your company can engage in the ecosystem play.
  • Communication: Focus on dialogue and information exchange in the ecosystem.

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