Detecon Alumni today: Mirko Knöfel

Mirko was a member of the NetWorks team at Detecon from 2007 to 2019. Today he has a completely different, but no less interesting job: he is the mayor of a small municipality. In the interview, you can learn more about his most exciting Detecon moments.

From when until when did you work at Detecon and in which function?

I started in 2007 as a Business Analyst and left Detecon in October 2019 as a Managing Consultant.

What were your most exciting or most beautiful Detecon moments?

Definitely the many wonderful assignments abroad, even if some of them were only for a few days. Sometimes I didn't even tell my family where the trip was going so that they wouldn't worry.

Negotiating offers with customers was always exciting. In some countries, that's considered a sport - for me, that's what it was in the end ?.

Which company do you work for today? What is your main area of responsibility there?

I have been the mayor of a municipality with 10,400 inhabitants and 43 districts since 2019.

What did you particularly appreciate at Detecon and what do you miss from the "old days"?

Looking back, I miss the trips a little. The insights into other cultures as a "non-tourist" have left their mark on me. In the 12 years, I also learned to appreciate my dear colleagues very much.

In which three hashtags do you describe Detecon?


Thank you very much for the interview and all the best for your future path, dear Mirko!