Trust is better - our study on remote work

Working from home - at the latest since the start of the Corona pandemic, one would think that virtual or "remote work" has not only arrived in the living rooms of employees worldwide, but above all in the hearts and minds of senior executives. However, practice shows that this is not the case.

When in 2020, due to the Corona pandemic, it was said to "enable home office wherever possible," this presented many companies with unprecedented challenges. Not only did some of them first have to set up a functioning infrastructure, the way they were to collaborate was also a new experience for some - both for managers and employees. Even before the crisis, the advance of digitization made it possible for a lot of work to be done decentrally and through virtual exchange. The fact that this potential had not been exhausted before or had been partially denied was the reason for a research cooperation between Detecon International GmbH and the Centrum für Management of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster which resulted in the present study.

Remote Work - Trust is Better sheds new light on the problematic standing of virtual work, but its primary objective is also to determine the success factors of remote work. Factors such as trust, efficiency and cultural differences are addressed, as are topics such as the complexity and criticality of activities.