Marcus Berlin is an expert in data analysis and artificial intelligence at Detecon's Digital Engineering Center. In his projects, he supports large companies in the fields of data strategy, data governance and also in the design of data-driven new business. The latter is also based on extensive experience in the application of data-centric design thinking methods (Data Thinking).

Marcus studied industrial engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and has held various positions in innovation management and strategy. In the past, he established new areas and developed data strategies, built up innovation project portfolios and formed derivations in data architecture concepts and overarching control elements that are used in large companies.

At Detecon, he has repeatedly been involved in recent years with trends around the topic of artificial intelligence and, in particular, the future topics in the area of autonomous driving. Here he devotes himself to holistic approaches taking into account various aspects such as vehicle technology, users and environmental information in order to develop architectures and service modules for a future orientation of mobility providers, vehicle manufacturers and platform integrators.