Organizing a new Telco

The telecommunication industry is faced with various challenges and in need of pivotal decisions: traditional telco revenue streams are stagnating, structural and systematic challenges need to be addressed and the question arises what the future role of telecom operators will be.

Sasha Wakounig aims together with Christopher Wörndle and Jürgen Jägersberger to highlight some of the options that telco operators have in their organizational setup and to give an inspirational starting point for the operating model of the future.

Key focus of this White Paper is the carrier evolution in its strategic nature, implications and operating model explorations - as the basis for business success - in structural, governance, process and cultural areas, as well as to give an outlook and recommendations on how to approach the business and operating model rethinking. To deliver on expectations and provide excellent services, telecommunication operators will need to start their transformational journey to stay at the forefront in the connectivity sphere. Download our White Paper to read more about how this journey could look like!

You can download our paper here: Organizing a new Telco