Detecon Alumni heute: Thomas Vits und Jesse Bijl

From when until when did you both work at Detecon and in which functions?

Thomas: I joined Detecon at the end of 2016 and was then directly involved in a project which prepared DT's Smartglass joint venture with Zeiss, today successfully on the market as "tooz" ( Since then, the XR topic has always been present for me, even later when I worked together with Jesse and a large Detecon team on the topic of edge computing. The project then gave rise to the DT spin-off "MobiledgeX" (MobiledgeX - Accedian), today the world's leading provider of telco edge orchestration.

Jesse : I had been on the road in the T Group since 2009 as Innovation Manager for T-Mobile Netherlands and Deutsche Telekom. In 2018, I moved to Detecon and was then directly involved in the edge computing project in which Thomas was also active.

What were your most exciting or even most beautiful Detecon moments?

Jesse: There are so many ... even though I was only at Detecon for one year, it feels like many years of great and exciting experiences. For example, working for "Day 1" in a large M&A deal was exciting, the challenge of bringing the teams and management from two sides together. Working together on the plan was very intense and then seeing the successful execution was a nice reward for that.

Thomas: The best moments for me were always when the clients were visibly satisfied and the work showed a tangible success. In each of the two projects I mentioned, that was the moment when the two companies actually began to exist as such and were able to get going. We then celebrated these moments with our colleagues in the team.

What happened next for you after Detecon?

Thomas: We then both moved to MobiledgeX, the DT spin-off that we had prepared and executed in the project. The opportunity to work for a Silicon Valley startup like MobiledgeX was very appealing to me to get an inside view of how work is done there.

Jesse: Since last year, we have been in the market with our own technology and management consultancy "TangibleXR". We have specialized in the topic of XR. This was another exciting step in which the experience we gained during our time at Detecon helped us a great deal. This is why we continue to have friendly ties with Detecon.

What did you take away from your time at Detecon for your future career?

Thomas: Incredibly much, I came from the industry to consulting and have seen and learned for me on the one hand methodically many new approaches, in addition hqb3 also again a different perspective on customer needs and customer acquisition get.

Jesse: The experience of setting up a corporate startup in Silicon Valley as well as supporting an M&A project. In addition, a boost for my professional, but especially private network.

What did you particularly appreciate about Detecon?

Jesse: Great, well-trained colleagues in a flat organization paired with high-profile projects and clients. What I particularly liked was the opportunity to shape the career path myself and choose the projects.

Thomas: Although it may sound trite, for me it was definitely the team spirit and the energy that can come from it when the team works. For me, as someone who already has a certain amount of professional experience, it was especially inspiring to work with younger colleagues, some of whom have a completely different approach to problems.

In which three hashtags do you describe Detecon?