Clemens Aumann

Senior Manager

+49 171 8122999

Clemens Aumann is committed to the value proposition of the telecommunications industry - and sees it as not nearly exhausted yet. With and for network operators, he is committed to developing new products, more efficient platforms and processes.

After his position as Head of Customer Marketing and Brand Communications at Hutchison Telekom Deutschland, which achieved the highest ARPU of the German mobile network operators during his time there, he moved to Detecon. There he realized or revised product innovations and new marketing approaches worldwide, for example youth brands in Switzerland, South Africa, and Poland. 

Clemens remained loyal to customer marketing for a long time, establishing new campaign methods and piloting household-related information and marketing concepts. He devoted himself to the B2B business with regard to optimized M2M/IoT marketing, the introduction of Professional and Managed Data Services, and currently the introduction of mobile campus solutions.  

For Clemens, 5G is another opportunity for network operators to rethink their value proposition, transform processes and structures - and establish themselves permanently as a central player in the provision of competitive economies.