Abdul Rahman is a Consultant and has been working for the global practice network technology since 2018. Following his graduation with a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering, he started his career as a radio frequency planning and optimization engineer at Huawei Technologies in Pakistan. After working for more than two years, he moved to Germany to pursue master’s degree in information and communication systems.

While working towards his master’s degree, Abdul undertook research projects in Japan and Germany and later joined Detecon as a Business Analyst. Thanks to his involvement in numerous projects, he has acquired profound knowledge of network architectures such as 5G, LTE, UMTS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and IP networks. He has also gained in-depth experience in vendor management, network strategy, data analytics, IoT technologies, and rollouts through several internal and external projects.

Abdul is also completed Harvard Business School Core program in December 2020 with focus on financial accounting, business analytics and economics. He is Prince 2 certified project manager and a SAFe 5 Agilist.