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Why 5G?

Industrial companies depend on modern production and logistics processes to remain competitive. 5G enables them to wirelessly connect company premises with low latency and high bandwidth. This enables people, data, things and algorithms to work together seamlessly and securely. For more productivity, resilience and efficiency based on up-to-date information.

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Detecon 5G Campus Network Health Check 

  • We enable you to understand industry-specific use cases and to detail the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • With the capability map ready, we define in close collaboration with you the target picture technology and the associated business case scenarios.
  • We develop the matching transformation strategy, analyze the applicable operational models, and identify the partnering ecosystem when appropriate.

The result is a clear definition of the strategic options to exploit the full potential of 5G campus networks!

Our Services


5G can provide seamless, campus-wide wireless connectivity to a single standard with mobility support, low latency and high reliability. The industrial-grade services enabled range from advanced maintenance with AR/VR applications anchored on on-prem edge computers, to high-precision asset tracking, to production automation and supply chain integration solutions.

Campus-wide company sites can be linked in a variety of ways. For example, the corporate campus can be covered by an extended public cellular network, enabling basic use cases such as gigabit office connectivity, including HD video conferencing, with full rollout flexibility and predictable OPEX/CAPEX. Larger enterprises with advanced use cases requiring on-prem edge computing facilities should consider a hybrid campus network solution or even a fully isolated private 4G/5G deployment.


The successful use of 5G in the industrial environment depends on more than just the necessary technology. Detecon therefore supports international clients from various industrial sectors (including manufacturing, logistics, airports, and exhibition centres) in developing their own 5G-ready business cases, target technology, and transformation strategy.

Detecon's expertise is particularly evident in defining new and improved processes for production environments that take advantage of managed latency and edge computing for demanding applications, network slicing for resource isolation, and massive machine-to-machine communication for integrating sensors and actuators of both fixed and mobile objects.


Detecon offers industrial companies technology consulting across the entire spectrum of 5G, from the idea and concept to implementation and operation.

Our tried-and-tested "Plan-Build-Run" model is used for this. This enables us to, 

  • Develop strategies for top management,
  • Determine the best tactical approach for introducing 5G-enabled digitisation in a production environment, and
  • link this to the necessary technology pedigree to ultimately plan and execute the implementation of a campus network.

In this way, we create transparency on the diverse questions regarding technologies, implementation options, use cases and operating models that accompany the rollout of 5G in the industrial environment.

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