Falk Schröder: Fact Check: 5G in Business, Everyday Life and Leisure

From the Company Rebuilding podcast series

Game consoles are usually played from home. In the future, this will also be possible on the move, e.g. with a cell phone. It will also be possible to use AR and VR-based services on the go, as well as play in a network with other users. The response time is extremely fast. This is made possible by 5G. The significantly lower latency of the new mobile communications standard is particularly noticeable in the online gaming sector. 

In the business sector, 5G can be used, for example, for the rapid download and transmission of flight data after an aircraft has landed or to guide business travelers through the airport from check-in to the gate by using biometric data. 

What exactly is hidden behind 5G, which application scenarios there are in both the business and consumer sectors, and what changes the new mobile communications standard 5G will bring with it, is what Detecon Managing Partner Falk Schröder talks about in the podcast "Ausgesprochen Digital" from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions with hosts Steffen Wenzel and Jacqueline Karow.

The podcast is only available in german language.

You can listen to the podcast with Falk Schröder in german language on the T-Systems Multimedia Solutions website