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Benchmarks for the Management of Requirements

In the age of digitization, companies should and can bring new products or new functions of existing products to market ever faster. Such agile processes demand high quality and efficiency from requirements management in particular.

Our "as a service" concept refers to the simple integration of our services into your project. In addition to certified IREB requirements engineers, we offer a variety of workshop formats, methods and tools as part of an individually created Requirement Engineering Plan (REP), which will allow you to implement requirements in your project in the best possible way.

For the REP, we work with you to define all relevant disciplines - from stakeholder management to validation methods - in order to anchor a guideline and benchmark for requirements management.

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Management of requirements is defined by four different disciplines:


For the creation of functional and non-functional requirements, it is essential to capture all basic, performance and enthusiasm factors for a system. For this purpose, we create a uniform understanding of the basic project goals and define the sources of requirements as well as suitable elicitation techniques or supporting elicitation techniques together with you.


Both natural language and model-based techniques are suitable for documenting requirements. In addition, it is possible to strengthen understanding through more interactive methods, e.g. video or prototyping. If there is no uniform understanding of the terminologies, the use of a glossary is recommended.

Check & Match

For fulfilled quality criteria of requirements, such as completeness, consistency, testability or unambiguousness, we create quality assurance processes. This ensures that a regulated methodology for requirements validation is in use for all stakeholders. This also prevents incompatibility of requirements due to contradictory perceptions of several stakeholders based on professional or personal conflicts.


Tools for structure and management become necessary from a certain set of requirements. We create a concept for the attribution of your requirements and support the tool selection. This should organise all requirements and identify relevant data/information for your project planning.

Requirements Engineering as a Service

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