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Leading the Open Enterprise

It is not a question of "if" or "when" disruptions will happen, but rather how profoundly they will change everything. In particular, associated technologies are changing rapidly: hybrids of loosely coupled cloud and on-premise applications are just one example of many. It will therefore be necessary to continuously rethink and adapt the application ecosystem. In combination with partner and customer application landscapes, the management of an open, cross-enterprise application ecosystem will play a crucial role.

Our Services

Application ecosystems consist of loosely linked participants and require leadership. Detecon sees it as a central task, both within and across industries, to initiate suitable transformations that efficiently orchestrate all essential layers (organisation, processes, services and technology) for an effective application ecosystem.


Telecommunications service providers (CSPs) face the challenge of transforming themselves to meet future business needs. With a modern approach to IT development, cloudification of platforms, use of AI/ML for automation and new services (XR), significant revenue opportunities and cost reductions can be unlocked.

Detecon builds on its many years of experience with OSS/BSS transformations and its know-how in supporting digitalisation and transformation. This can unlock new business models while improving technical capabilities through automation, architectural re-engineering, new ways of working and managing the orchestration complexity (of the underlying networks). 


Hardly any interviews with big tech CEOs are complete without the term metaverse. But what is behind it? Learn more about strategies and business potential for the metaverse: Extended Reality (XR) & Next-Gen Networks


Transformation as a Service - TaaS for short - is a standardised project procedure that enables our customers to complete a transformation set-up within the shortest possible time. Focus on your core business: Transformation as a Service (TaaS)


Digital Collaboration Advisory addresses all aspects and requirements of digitalised processes and tools to promote digital collaboration with clients and/or colleagues. Detecon relies on proven methods and best practices. We use three modules with which we cover overarching services for your digital collaboration in your company and with your employees. Thus, we create an individual project offer that is precisely tailored to your requirements.

Uniform endpoint management: 
How can all endpoints (e.g. laptops, mobile phones) be efficiently managed and new services enabled?

Unified communication & collaboration: 
How to create a sustainable and future-oriented unified communication and collaboration platform?

Customer interaction platform. 
How does customer service benefit from an integrated multi-channel approach?


Benchmarks for requirements management. The "as a service" idea refers to the simple integration of our services into your project: Requirements Engineering as a Service.


The challenges: 

A company's data assets are key to its competitive position in the digital world - however, these assets are often widely dispersed, difficult to access and difficult to combine. This limits efficiency, intelligence, innovation and monetisation opportunities across the enterprise.


Combining years of experience with agile methodologies, we design and implement data integration ecosystems using a greenfield or brownfield approach to get the most out of your data. We take a value-driven design approach, combining solid architecture with cutting-edge technology, rigorous governance and a data-centric culture of sharing.

The benefits:

Easy access to unified data drives value in operations, business intelligence, analytics, product management and many other areas. Breaking down information silos enables creative people to discover value where no one expects it.

An example of our project successes in the press (Big Data Insider) - only available in german:

- Data Lakes and Analytics at RWE Generation

- SBB - Data Analytics for Causes of Delays


Accelerating your Business - Everything that can be automated will be automated! With traditional RPA, the first phase of automation has been achieved. Hyperautomation now uses advanced intelligence that helps connect all organisational information and activities, as well as process mining that analyses the workflow of a process.

See our article: Hyperautomation: the future of process automation?

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Process Mining
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) / Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Detecon Software Driven Company Advisory enables companies from all industries to realise innovations in a world increasingly shaped by software. Your advantages: Savings, speed, stability, scalability and security!

Software Driven Business: 
Deliver critical value to your customers by mastering software-driven innovation and developing service-oriented business models and strategies.

Business enabling technologies: 
Agile development (DevOps, CI/CD) and complexity-reducing API management layers enable Software Driven Business.

Software oriented Culture: 
Adapting to lean and agile ways of working, new skills and collaborating with new partners, suppliers and competitors are required.

Software driven products:
There is a shift away from selling a single product to selling a product-service system that is closely linked to the needs of the customer.

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