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Digital Efficiency: More than just Automation

Successful ways to overall efficiency

Digitization has proven to be a significant value driver and in many ways helps companies to improve their processes and workflows. However, digitization does not automatically mean increased efficiency.

Even if the effect of digitization can be seen as positive for the individual, this does not mean that a digitization measure has been successfully implemented end-to-end from the company's perspective.

Digital efficiency is therefore an overarching approach that always considers the overall efficiency of a programme, which represents process optimization, brings about an improvement in the direction of the client and has a positive cost effect on the company. This approach encompasses the dimensions of customer, strategy, technology, operations, culture/organization and data.

Our Services

Digital Efficiency Assessment

Carrying out an as-is and business capability analysis including a target definition.

Definition and evaluation of digitization and efficiency initiatives

  • Creation of a collection of initiatives to reduce OPEX/ CAPEX or to increase sales growth potential (e.g. automation, IT consolidation, integrated investment planning)
  • Categorization of the initiatives into "simple vs. complex" and "short-term vs. long-term effect"
  • Feasibility analysis of the initiatives and creation of a shortlist of the most promising and best solutions for the customer

E2E Implementation of the digitization and efficiency initiatives

  • Creation of a transformation and project plan
  • Implementation of the measures