Dino Hadic is active at Detecon as a Manager in the area of financial management and accompanies projects in the area of finance. The focus of the projects is on the transformation and increase in efficiency of the finance area with the goal of achieving a noticeable cost-benefit effect for the client. The projects are diverse and include topics such as carve-outs, reorganizations / restructuring, finance processes, controlling and reporting as well as financial optimization.
With more than seven years of experience in the finance area and numerous projects in Germany and abroad, Dino addresses the question of how the finance area must position itself in order to be able to operate efficiently and effectively in the future.

Core Competencies:

  • Financial Management & Digital Efficiency
  • Transformation & Organizational Change
  • Finance / Accounting Processes
  • Management Reporting & KPIs
  • Operational Finance
  • Financial Optimization