Trends for the Next Decade #3

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Human Centered Interaction

How do you best interact with your customers in the digital world? In an ever-digitising world, the customer has moved to the centre of business models. Competitiveness is inextricably linked to a well-performing customer experience. The number of customer touchpoints is continuously increasing, and at the same time the technologies are multiplying in order to meet the needs and service demands of customers. It is important to keep an overview and to develop integrated solutions that rethink the customer journey holistically.

Our Recommended Actions

  • Understanding for the behaviour & demands of the digitized customer
  • Design an end-to-end customer journey, offering high benefit and experience value.
  • Use relevant technological digital trends such as smart agents
  • Use Future Interaction: Guardrail the digital take-over with Extended Reality (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed), Chatbot's and Voice Recognition.
  • Apply Customer-centric Rapid Prototyping with involvement of Friendly Customers
  • Ensure experiences across partners, eco-systems & networks structure
  • Center your products and services based on an evidence and user driven design process
  • Think of the Customer Lifecycle, build up after sales services and create a vivid community 


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