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Diversity Has Many Faces

Personal and cultural diversity provides for a better quality of work and life in an increasingly digitalised and globalised world. As an international consulting firm with 1,300 employees from over 40 countries, the diverse potential of our employees is an indispensable key to our success.

We want to ensure that our employees feel comfortable living their individuality. Therefore, by signing the Diversity Charter, we have committed ourselves to dealing with diversity in a positive and appreciative way. Through our Diversity Statement, we carry this mindset into the organisation as a concrete guideline for action. It reaffirms our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and the unconditional anchoring of these values as integral components of our corporate culture.

The opportunities to be active in diversity matters at Detecon are as wide-ranging as the topic itself. In addition to the possibility of joining the Diversity Community, our employees are happily invited to engage themselves in specific diversity topics. For instance, colleagues come together in the Pride Community, in Women@Detecon, or in the Gender-Inclusive Language project group to facilitate more diversity in our organization.

Our Diversity Statement

The Diversity Statement expresses Detecon's shared cultural self-image and is a commitment to action for all of us: to ensure a safe and professional working environment in which all people feel valued and respected and are treated fairly.

Detecon’s Diversity Statement

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are an integral part of Detecon’s corporate culture. Everyone feels valued and can perform at their best.

  • Acting for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion makes our work better. Detecon supports a better and more fair-minded society.

  • Diversity in every dimension is actively encouraged. This is supported by Detecon through mind-setting, budget,
    organizational structures and resource commitment

  • Every Employee acts as an ambassador for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, ensuring an environment that is safe and free of any kind of discrimination, biases and harassment.

  • Detecon enforces Diversity across all dimensions: Gender & gender Identity, Ethic origin & nationality, Religion & world view, Social background, Age, Sexual orientation, Physical & mental ability

Diversity opens up a wide range of perspectives

We see diversity as an asset that offers decisive advantages. In diverse teams, different perspectives make it possible to arrive at creative and innovative solutions. Teams with people from different industry or educational backgrounds can think through entrepreneurial challenges from different angles, view them holistically, and in this way develop promising and innovative solutions. We at Detecon therefore support diversity among our employees in order to increase the success of our clients as well as that of our company.

In contrast to other consulting firms, we promote different career speeds among our consultants. Through this flexible design of career and working time models, we enable employees to align their work with their lives. Not the other way around. We don't want "penguins" in our company, but rather individuals and "edgy personalities" to have the opportunity to fully develop and grow with us.

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