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We Make Your Business Digital & Connected

Detecon has established a global reputation among key players in various industries as an important partner when it comes to ICT-supported business models and technologies. In the Nordics region, we have been active in Sweden since 2020 as part of a partnership with the Stockholm-based consulting boutique Ascend. We are now expanding this collaboration by establishing our own presence in the country. Stockholm, as home to a large number of innovative and disruptive companies, is an ideal starting point. We see further synergies in the Scandinavian market in the intensified cooperation with the Nordics Division of our holding T-Systems.

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Implementing sustainability together

Detecon has established a partner ecosystem with specialized experts and tool providers who help our clients to move faster and more effectively on the path to sustainability. We are establishing sustainability management platforms to fight against climate change with an industry-wide business commitment and the transition to a sustainable and carbon-free economy.

Our digital and sustainability expertise helps our clients to solve environmental challenges. Digitainability advises how to combine technology & positive environmental impact to ensure a sustainable transformation for our clients. We help to transform all of the sustaibability pledges in automotive, telco, manufacturing, TTL and health  into goal achievement by supporting you in unterstanding personal / corporate requirements, defining tangible actions and implementing sustainable change.

Future proof network concepts

Detecon has extensive experience in transforming and assessing Enterprise Corporate networks across a range of industries and has executed many projects for network modernization. Several trends in the areas of cloud, automated operations and security shift towards software and DevOps and put a focus on the corporate network as an opportunity for transformation and modernization.

But: Enterprises face many challenges related to their network infrastructure. Challenges with corporate networks result from complex designs with high costs that have grown over years while the cloud model requires fast, resilient and programmable networks. The solution is to realize that multi-cloud, Edge Simplification, NetDevOps, Internet first and Convergence of Connectivity and Cloud are key drivers for future-proof corporate networks. We will support you on the way!

Rail operations are going digital

For more than 40 years, we have been helping companies around the world to sustainably improve their competitiveness and performance across the entire value chain with the help of innovative technologies. With our proven rail expertise, 60 specialised consultants advise clients on the further development of infrastructures and logistics as well as passenger and freight transport.

We will present our offer in the field of digitalisation of rail operations on 9 November 2022 at the Scandinavian Rail Optimisation Event in Stockholm. We look forward to meeting you there in personal!

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