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Differentiation Through Robust Network Design

The demand for modern communication possibilities is growing not only on the side of end customers. In the corporate sector, the networking of sensors and machines in the Internet of Things is driving demand. Depending on the application, different and sometimes particularly high requirements apply with regard to latency, availability, security and data rate. 

The previous "best-effort" approach in mobile communications is often no longer sufficient, especially in industrial environments. What is needed, therefore, is a network design that is robust from the ground up with modern network concepts. One example of this is edge computing. At the same time, there is an opportunity to participate in the digital value chain with modern services.

Our Consulting Topics

Detecon describes ways how this digital transformation to a network-centric Digital Service Provider offering cloud-based services can be achieved. The focus of our advice is:

Edge Computing
Software-based architectures (SDN, NFV, SBA)
Network Slicing
6G Vision

Detecon Insights

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