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Detecon Opens 5G Campus as Test Site for Industry

  • “FiveGDock” at the Bayenwerft in Cologne
  • Demonstration center for connectivity-driven business processes
  • Companies can test 5G campus networks before their own rollout

Cologne, March 29, 2023. The management and technology consultancy Detecon has opened a test site for 5G campus networks in the corporate environment at its headquarters at the Bayenwerft in Cologne. Users coming to the “FiveGDock” can take advantage of Detecon’s offer to provide orientation within a wide range of various options and prerequisites. In preparing this service, Detecon is becoming one of the first German management consultancies to set up a 5G campus network in its own open spaces and to transform them into a smart building. Corporate headquarters will be turned into a laboratory for innovative and connectivity-driven business processes. A cross-industry demonstration center is being created and will feature scenarios for visionary office, logistics, or production applications that tangibly illustrate the potential of 5G for any client’s specific situation.

The 5G campus network at the Bayenwerft at Cologne’s Rheinauhafen will serve as a platform for flexibly expandable showcases starting with AGV robotics, Wi-Fi/5G comparisons, IoT sensor technology, and demonstrations of augmented/virtual reality. At FiveGDock, companies have the opportunity to test their concepts before actually setting up their own network. Instead of investing heavily in the unknown, they will be able to try out, test and adjust on a small scale. The campus is able to map a wide variety of use cases and enables project managers to draw meaningful conclusions about the strategy that has been developed.

The campus network has been implemented on the basis of a Deutsche Telekom solution that combines the advantages of a private network with those of a public network.

ZEISS uses Cologne 5G campus network

Well-known clients are already showing interest. For example, Detecon will handle the validation and testing of separate, worldwide use cases for campus networks at the high technology group ZEISS and will create a global blueprint for Zeiss IT based on the results of a laboratory trial at the 5G Detecon campus network in Cologne.

Campus networks offer companies the opportunity to install their own 5G networks. The Federal Network Agency is making local 5G frequencies available to companies that want to set up networks for local applications on their own premises (campuses). Once in operation, cellular mobile communications can be used autonomously and tailored to match precisely the enterprise’s needs in private networks. Campus networks offer enormous opportunities; in particular, greater flexibility, efficiency, and the very high reliability of the network are key motives for using 5G in a company’s own business and production processes and a key factor for modern, digital business models.

Hyperconnectivity as a future concept

“We here at Detecon see ourselves as pioneers for hyperconnectivity. We regard the FiveGDock as an opportunity to pass on our own experience and to support industry clients during one of the most important transformations of the day, from the initial assessment to prototyping to implementation,” emphasizes Detecon CEO Ralf Pichler. Christian Maasem, Managing Partner at Detecon, adds: “We offer all industries an ecosystem in which various use cases can be combined with groundbreaking digitalization technologies to determine possible benefits and potential. Productivity boosts, cost efficiency, but also sustainability are the primary factors that will make 5G campus networks indispensable for successful industry players in the future.”

"FiveGDock"-Opening: (v.l.n.r.) Matthias Salge, Ralf Pichler (CEO), Christian Maasem, Jörg Borowski
Presentation of various use cases (in picture: IoT Robotics) at the opening of the "FiveGDock" at the Bayenwerft in Cologne
The FiveGDock team

Gerhard Auer
Press Spokesperson