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  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Development Programs
  • Additional offers


Trust-based working hours and home office

In addition to the presence appointments, you can independently determine when and from where you work.

Silent period between christmas and new year

Due to our company shutdown, you will receive additional vacation days between Christmas and New Year.


You have the opportunity to take a career break of up to 6 months for rest and personal development.

Body & Soul Program

We are actively committed to providing you with a balance to work in the form of sports groups and fitness cooperations.


Detecon already offers childcare at the first locations. In addition, Telekom's childcare facilities can also be used if they are available.

Flexibility and Mobility


Combine work and relaxation by working up to several weeks a year in places where others go on vacation.

company bike, company car oder Bahncard 100

We offer numerous incentives to help you make your commute not only environmentally conscious, but also as pleasant as possible.

environmental bonus

You come to the office by bus, train or bike? Then we'll support you with an additional environmental bonus on top of your salary.

Free location choice in Germany

Whether Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt am Main - we offer you a free choice of location for one of our offices in Germany.

Development Programs

Individual career tracks

Together we will develop a personalized career path that matches your individual goals and skills.

Free development and training environment

Full access to our training environment with over 40 trainings. In addition, individual further training measures can be arranged.

International exchange program

From San Francisco to Johannesburg to Beijing - our juniors can gain international experience as part of an exchange program.

Academic support

You have the opportunity to study alongside your work on a voluntary basis.

Additional offers

Company phone and laptop also for private use

We will provide you with a company cell phone and laptop, which you can also use for your private purposes.

Corporate Benefits

As a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, we live a corporate culture that enables us to offer many employee benefits.


Get involved in our various communities such as the Sustainability Community, Diversity Community or the Detecon Moms and create your own network.

Pension fund

For the individual pension plan, there is the possibility of participating in the Telekom Pension Fund.

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