Our Virtual Recruiting Process

From Application to Onboarding

In the current time of crisis, we are all challenged to maintain daily business and cooperation with colleagues, clients and applicants under the difficult circumstances. Even though getting to know each other in person at our offices is very important for our recruitment process, we naturally take social distancing seriously and have completely virtualised our application and onboarding process. In the following, we will briefly outline the changes this brings for our applicants and how we organise onboarding from home.

Digital Recruiting Process


As always, all applications can be addressed to us via our online form.

Review of your documents

After receiving your application, our colleagues will check it and give you feedback as soon as possible. 

Applicant Day

If your profile matches with our company, you will be invited to our applicant day. On this day, you will complete several different stations. For example, you will work on a case together with other applicants and present it.

Procedure from the applicant day

Welcome round

To begin with, we will greet each other and briefly introduce ourselves, Detecon, and the exact course of the day.

Case processing

In the morning, you will work on a case together with other applicants. As a rule, you will have about 1 ½ hours to do this. Afterwards, you will present the results to our colleagues.

Feedback & Break

After working on the case, you will already receive your first feedback. There you will be informed whether and how the applicant day will continue for you in the afternoon.


If your feedback is positive, we will be happy to get to know you better in the afternoon during a 45-minute individual interview. A colleague from the relevant department and a colleague from recruiting will be present at the interview. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the vacancy and our company in detail and to gain further impressions.

Feedback discussion

The applicant day ends after all the individual interviews. Before the day is completely over, however, all participants receive a final feedback discussion from our colleagues.
If this is positive and both parties are convinced, the application process is complete and we look forward to a future together!

Virtual Onboarding

We have also converted our onboarding process to digital for the time being. Before we start, one of our colleagues from HR Development will contact you and explain all the onboarding steps in detail. Our onboarding itself takes place in different sessions.

IT Equipment by Mail

We will send you all your IT equipment by post to your home address. For the set-up, you will receive a slot in advance with our colleagues from IT, who will introduce you to the systems step by step.


We show you all the tools and processes in interactive webinars.

Virtual Buddy

Your first virtual exchange takes place on your first days. Our buddies are usually juniors who have also just started at Detecon and are therefore very familiar with the first steps in the company and can support you. 

People Development Leader

For all other technical and career development questions, you will receive regular calls with your People Development Leader, your manager. Together, you will determine your career path at Detecon and plan the first training and workshop sessions in order to further develop yourself with the right content and skills.

The First 30 Days at Detecon

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