On the Status Quo of New Work - New Benchmark Study

New Work, Smart Work or Work 4.0 - for many companies, the Covid 19 pandemic has become a signpost into the new world of work. After all, there are hardly any market players who have not had to deal in recent years with the far-reaching change processes that future work models will require. However, there are hardly any reliable figures on the new way of working. The Detecon benchmark study On the Status Quo of New Work in Companies in the DACH Region 2022 aims to change that.

How far has the New Normal actually come? How widespread is New Work? What is the status quo? How do people currently work (together)? And what are the immediate or future challenges in this context?

Based on these and more questions, the study provides insight into the status quo of New Work in companies in the DACH region. The content of the study is based on Detecon's holistic New Work approach, which encompasses the dimensions of People & Engagement, Places & Spaces, Tools & Technologies, and Principles & Regulations. Methodologically, the study was implemented on the basis of a quantitative online survey.