Leveraging Cybersecurity Ecosystems

Digitalization is increasingly accompanied by an ever greater risk of cyberattacks: "Take advantage of the experience sharing and knowledge advantage of the Israeli ecosystem of tens of thousands of cyber specialists from academia, business and the military."

Digitalization is a blessing for the economy. But there are also downsides for companies: Cyber attacks. This threat has also increased significantly in German-speaking countries in recent years. As a result of numerous attacks on companies, which are also repeatedly reported in the press, managers are now also alarmed in this country.

However, many companies are not well prepared for cyber attacks. Just four out of ten companies in Germany are prepared for cyber attacks, according to the IT industry association Bitkom. But it's not just appropriate technical solutions that are needed; governance and processes within the company, as well as the employee dimension, must also be considered. Few executives, however, have the right tools to powerfully counter a threat from the Internet.

In order to better equip oneself against cyber attacks, a look at Israel can help. There are already more than 300 security startups there. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the "global cyber capital" is to be created in the desert city of Beersheba: An ecosystem with tens of thousands of cyber specialists from science, business, and the military. Detecon therefore offers its clients the opportunity to profit from the experience and knowledge advantage of Israeli companies - for example, through the Cyber Security Radar, which records trends, technologies, and companies specializing in them, or through a Cyber Security Executive Tour to Israel. There, companies can get a picture of the developments, learn from innovations, and look for cooperation or investment opportunities.

As a Telekom subsidiary, Detecon works closely with other Group units, such as Telekom Security, and benefits from the know-how and experience of Deutsche Telekom, which was one of the first Western companies to invest in Beersheba more than ten years ago. With the Digital Engineering Center for Cyber Security in Berlin, Detecon provides its clients with both experts and technical competencies to respond to the threat of cyber attacks.