Dr. Jürgen Specht

Senior Manager

+66 631989473

Dr. Jürgen Specht has been working in our Detecon office in Bangkok, Thailand for more than 3 years and is responsible for Procurement and Supply Chain Management in the Southeast Asian region. Before moving to Asia, Jürgen already had almost 20 years of consulting experience, primarily in the automotive industry, developing innovative concepts for digitalizing the supply chain and procurement, which he was then able to transfer to other industries.

Jürgen studied economic geography and focused on the evaluation of corporate strategies and the impact on the regional economic structure, especially in regions with a high proportion of industries with a high degree of digitalization. Based on this background, he was already involved early on in his consulting work in how SCM processes can be made more efficient and managed more effectively with the help of digitalization. Technologies such as IoT, Big Data and AI help to carry out the physical transport of goods in a much more sustainable, secure, and cost-effective way, as well as to adapt the planning of the supply chain to changing situations in real time in the form of digital twins.

The Southeast Asian region in particular stands for new beginnings and digitization. Here, some industries, e.g. in the financial industry, have a considerable digitalization advantage over their European counterparts. In other industries, the European companies still have the lead. SCM offers the possibility to transfer this know-how and to use the advantages of both worlds: Digital innovations and a high readiness to adapt to digital industries.