Detecon Alumni today: Sarah Lee

When did you work for Detecon? What was your function?

I joined Detecon as a Business Analyst in 2008 after my studies. At that time, the Service & Operations Management division in the practice was called "Information Technology". From day three on, I was continuously involved in projects - primarily in the context of sourcing and IT service management. Most recently, I worked as a Senior Consultant on a project in the DTAG Cluster until the end of 2012. During this time I was also engaged as Knowledge Manager - later as Practice Knowledge Manager.


What were your most exciting Detecon moments?

I look back on many exciting moments at Detecon - but there are three I would like to highlight:

For me, one of the times most associated with intensive learning was when, as a Consultant, I was able to set up and manage the PMO of our client T-Systems in what was then the largest outsourcing deal in Europe. In addition to the fact that the PMO grew to up to 12 people, I enjoyed a very high level of trust from my client project manager and was frequently appointed by him ad hoc as a representative for appointments in which a number of international managers from the T-Systems client were present. I can remember my excitement at these spontaneous deputies was immense - but the result was always very good and I was relieved. During this time, I learned a great deal both professionally and personally.

Another exceptional time for me was the half year (2009/10) in that I worked in the former USA office of Detecon Inc. in Reston. The thematic focus in that office at the time was primarily in the mobile sector, where we intensively investigated the mobile communications market in the USA and carried out acquisitions with the local US telephone service providers.

There are definitely advantages in using the time difference between the USA and Europe to work on presentations as a team: in the morning, when you started working in the USA, you already had feedback on the slides in your e-mail box that you had sent to Germany the night before. Apart from that, I was able to explore the East Coast by car on weekends.

I also fondly remember the events of the "Young Consultants Network". In my opinion, this was a very special asset of Detecon in which, in addition to building up a network, I also made friends.


What are you doing today?

I have been working for Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures (DBDV) - the venture capital arm of Deutsche Bahn - since October 2017. As a strategic investor, DBDV invests in start-ups in the areas of mobility, smart city & logistics. As a venture developer, my main task is to support the start-ups after the investment has been made and to link them to the business areas or ecosystem of Deutsche Bahn. 


What did you particularly appreciate about your job at Detecon and what do you miss from this time?

A special feature was the appreciative and supportive interaction among colleagues. I was given a lot of trust and the personal development opportunities were always there for me. Looking back, I can say that Detecon was the best employer for me to start my professional life.


In which 3 hashtags do you describe Detecon?

#commitment - The commitment and dedication of the colleagues! Because these were extremely high, both externally for the customers and internally for the employees.

#development - Detecon is always developing with the pulse of the times, which automatically brings with it potential for personal development

#international - many of my colleagues at the time had done projects abroad or gained experience in a foreign Detecon office, which is not a given for a consulting firm with headquarters in Germany.


Thank you for the interview, Sarah!