Detecon Alumni today: Marcello Schermer

From when to when did you work at Detecon? What was your position?

I worked at Detecon from 2011 - 2015. Initially as an intern in the San Francisco office before joining that office full time as a BA after graduating from the university of Innsbruck in 2012.

What were the most exciting Detecon moments for you?

Coming to South Africa for three weeks to work on a spectrum allocation project and ultimately discovering what would eventually become my new home must definitely be my favorite Detecon experience, followed by when I hosted a two day hackathon for Ooredoo staff in Doha and a 3 week project in Mexico to work on a wholesale operator strategy. 

What company do you work for today? What is your primary field of work there?

I work for Yoco, a South African financial services platform making it easier for over 80.000 small businesses in South Africa to accept digital payments, manage their business and access funds to grow. In my role as head of international expansion I am responsible for taking the business to new international markets outside of South Africa. 

What did you particularly appreciate at Detecon and what do you miss from the "old days"?

I have always loved working with the incredible people at Detecon. I’ve learned so much from the various people I got to work with and had really good times. This is where I learned that the people you work with can make the world of a difference - and Detecon colleagues have always been wonderful to work with.

In which three hashtags do you describe Detecon?




Thank you for the interview, Marcello!