Collection: Regional Examples of Use of DMM

Here is a collection of our analysis reports and highlights focusing on specific regions as we expand globally. They provide you with unique insights regarding digital maturity and transformation from different regions. Stay in tune if you are interested as there will be more to come!

Digital Maturity Model in OpCos

As most of the global acting companies cannot cover their entire business from one single location, so-called OpCos as regional operations are established. An operating company (OpCo) can be defined as a production unit that runs the day to day operations in a specific region or market. The interaction with local resources and customers is one of the critical activities of an OpCo.


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Digital Maturity in the German "Mittelstand"​?

The merchandise mark “Made in Germany” has become a strong quality label, which many customers worldwide like to rely on. Especially, when they are choosing from a variety of possible products and services that are supposed to meet high-quality requirements.


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