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Keeping the Customer in Mind

The relevance of telecommunications for our daily life has steadily increased in recent years. However, despite the credo "Always online", telecommunications remains a low-involvement industry in the majority of cases. The goal for telcos is therefore to realize convenience, simplicity and flexibility - not only for the established products (connectivity), but for the entire customer ecosystem.

The paradigm is "Seamlessness": Access, setup, administration and process experiences should be designed consistently across the entire organization. This enables the customer to (inter-) act with the products easily, securely and quickly.

To achieve this, telcos need to invest in four fields of action in order to prevail in a sector comparison and against vertical competition:

New Mega Trend: Customer Experience for the Target Group of Older People

Smart home and smart health applications are a foreseeable megatrend in the face of an ageing population. For telecommunications providers, this offers a great opportunity to be successful in product categories that go beyond simple connectivity. The prerequisite for this is the realisation of a convincing customer experience (CX) for this special target group. Read more!

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