Organizational Concept for the New IT Unit "d-BY" for the BayStMD

The Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs is planning to establish a lean organizational unit under public law as an intermediary against the backdrop of the OZG implementation and the municipal administration digitization in order to achieve a rapid implementation of one-for-all services (EfA) as well as the organizational and steering support of the OZG implementation in the Bavarian municipalities.

Procedure and Methods

The project has been divided into two phases by Detecon.

  1. In the first phase, only necessary and selected topics were addressed in an exemplary manner within the framework of the creation of a rough concept. An extensive presentation was provided separately in the detailed concept. A special focus was placed on the description of the initial situation and objectives of the new AöR as well as its underlying legal framework. This included references to and the presentation of "best practice organisations". Furthermore, the core tasks, organisational structure and budget as well as the timetable for implementation were worked out.
  2. In the second phase, the elaboration of the detailed concept, the focus was placed on the implementation of the requirements that will be placed on the new organisation. Together with the client, the future requirements regarding the EfA roll-out and the OZG-TOP services in Bavaria were defined, validated and laid down in an agreed concept.


  • Inclusion of current and future requirements from the federal government, federal states and municipalities for the AöR to be founded.
  • Coordination with the Bavarian State Ministry of Digital Affairs on the expected scope of tasks and the organisational structure of the AöR
  • Preparation of a rough concept for submission to the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance
  • Expansion of the rough concept into a detailed concept with detailed elaboration of the topics political background core tasks support structure organisational structure type and scope of personnel requirements

Customer Benefits

The new IT unit under the working title "d-BY AöR" should be created as an institution under public law and act as a platform for state-municipal cooperation in matters of digitisation as well as a contact and "hub" for municipal digitisation.

With the creation of this organisational unit, municipal digitisation and the implementation of the OZG in Bavaria can be advanced at the desired speed. As a supporter for municipalities and in its function as a level for state-municipal cooperation in digitalisation issues, it enables a rollout of EfA services in Bavaria. Here, as a first milestone, the provision of the most important administrative services ("TOP 150 Services Bavaria") for citizens and the economy is to take place immediately after the foundation.

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