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Datacenter & IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the foundation for all IT services and business models. A modern infrastructure requires a holistic end-2-end view. The area is divided into data centre infrastructure and IT infrastructure. The data centre infrastructure includes the location, the building, the technical building equipment and the IT rooms (white space) themselves with racks, cabinets, cabling, etc. The IT infrastructure deals with the IT hardware (compute, storage, net), operating systems, basic services and platforms (virtualisation) for cloud services. The overall infrastructure approach is determined by quality (e.g. availability), security and economic efficiency. Innovation and energy efficiency (Green IT) are considered throughout the value chain. We help our customers to find the optimal data centre and IT strategy and support them in implementing this strategy.

Our Services

We help our clients to identify the optimal strategy with the right technical design and accompany them in the implementation of this strategy. In addition, we support with the associated green IT strategy.


Data centres (DCs) are the foundation for IT services and business models. Changing the data centre landscape, optimising performance, rightsising and connectivity should be considered across the entire value chain. Each strategy is defined by the ten-step approach of the DC Strategy Lifecycle. Along this cycle, a sustainable concept is created that can be implemented accordingly.

Key steps: Assessment of the current DC landscape, FMO definition, GAP analysis, "Make or Buy" scenarios, site selection, solution design, governance, deployment, operating model, DC processes (ITIL), optimisation.


Data centres (DCs) provide a secure and efficient environment for all required IT platforms. Each New Build project is defined by the eleven-step approach of the DC & IT New Build lifecycle. Along this cycle, a sustainable DC & IT design is created that can be built and operated.

Key steps: DC & IT strategy assessment, requirements, target picture, site selection, high-level design/layout, tendering, low-level design, implementation, commissioning, original IT equipment, DC operation.


IT infrastructure provides computing, storage and network resources to run business-critical applications. We help our clients define an IT infrastructure strategy that meets their needs. Each strategy is defined by the ten-step approach of the transformation cycle. Along this cycle, a sustainable concept is created that can be implemented accordingly.

Key steps: IT resource needs assessment, FMO definition, GAP analysis, make or buy scenarios, vendor selection, architecture design, tender, transformation & transition, IT service processes (ITIL), optimisation.


IT Cloudification leads to higher efficiency by moving legacy services to XaaS (Anything as a Service) on-premise or to the public cloud. We support our customers with standardisation and automation to achieve high quality service delivery. Cloudification is defined by the ten-step approach of the transformation cycle. Along this cycle, we enable our customers to deliver XaaS with cloud characteristics, such as: on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity and metered services.

Key steps: IT service map and IT architecture assessment, XaaS service design, architecture design, gap analysis & roadmap, make or buy scenarios, vendor/hyperscaler selection, cloud implementation, service rollout, transformation transition, optimisation.


We actively shape the future of DC and IT landscapes and contribute our technical expertise to the target images. Innovation is considered cross-divisional along the entire value chain. We offer an end-to-end DC/IT consulting approach. Along this approach, we use DC/IT Innovation Management to get the best out of the latest technical developments for our clients.


In typical data centre landscapes, the greatest potential for optimisation lies in energy efficiency and availability. Our optimisation of air cooling leads to a drastic reduction in operating costs. We also help our customers avoid SPOFs and reduce unplanned downtime. Improved air conditioning and dynamic load balancing reduce electricity bills. Our assessment uncovers SPOFs and we provide recommendations for remedial actions and equipment.


Our field-tested assessments provide you with precise recommendations. We help our clients align their process and capacity management with current standards and implement the right tools. We are experts in applying ITIL in larger companies and adapting it for SMEs. Our capacity management toolbox offers solutions adapted to your needs.


Do you want to improve your carbon footprint and costs across the entire IT lifecycle from strategy development to implementation? Then read more about our services in the area of Green IT.

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