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The New Work Readiness Check

Digital transformation must be oriented to the maturity level of the specific organization. We use the Detecon New Work Readiness Check to offer to our clients a methodologically sound procedure for this assessment. A standardized questionnaire is used to determine the specific maturity level of the organization in terms of the three dimensions People, Places, and Tools. Both single organizational units and the company as a whole can be evaluated.

The results of the New Work Readiness Check lay an ideal foundation for a strategic approach and the resource-oriented prioritization of measures.

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Details of the New Work Readiness Check

The initial step is the determination of the maturity level based on an analysis of the three (or four) dimensions People, Places, Tools (and Principles & Regulations). It is followed by an examination of the New Work building blocks. Have they been implemented, and, if so, to what extent have they been developed? Both the four dimensions and the New Work building blocks have been validated multiple times by various studies. The result reflects the maturity level of the organization and is described according to five defined levels. The allocation to one of these levels is not to be understood as an evaluation, however; it is a neutral classification. Based on the classification, tangible measures as well as the subsequent steps can be recommended (fine-tuning points). A distinction is made here between short-, medium-, and long-term measures.

The New Work Readiness Check is divided into eight successive phases, from data collection and evaluation to management-oriented processing of the results

Phases of the New Work Readiness Check

Your Benefits

Creating Transparency

There is often a lack of transparency about the digital maturity of the organization although this is the starting point for a holistic, strategic approach to New Work. The Readiness Check aids us in offering to you an assessment of your current situation and creating transparency about existing (and planned) measures and initiatives.

Holistic Review of the Four New Work Dimensions

New Work requires the orchestration of various stakeholders in the enterprise. The HR, REM, Organization, and IT departments are first in line. Prior to the initiation of New Work, these departments often pursue their own goals and initiatives; the lack of coordination with other business departments results, logically enough, in a lack of harmony. The Readiness Check provides the starting point for structuring the initiatives in the setting of a holistic approach guided by the dimensions of People, Places, Tools, and Principles & Regulations.

Measures Based on New Work Building Blocks

Using the Detecon New Work Readiness Check, we offer to you a methodologically sound assessment of your as-is situation and your desired target situation. We develop custom measures based on the 14 validated New Work building blocks that in business practice have proved to be the essential “adjustment screws”; working together, you and Detecon achieve the envisioned targets.

Scheduled Strategy Creation to Achieve Objectives

Companies often pursue widely diverse visions and targets with New Work as the ultimate goals are dependent on the budget and resource availability of each company. Predefined New Work measures must consequently be prioritized so that they are performed according to a logical time sequence. The Readiness Check is the means for the creation of a logical strategy featuring defined milestones: prioritization of planned measures in the short, medium, and long term based on a comparison of the current and target positions.

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