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The future of Finance is digital

Digital transformation is one of the central topics in the finance department of companies and a key strategic building block for maintaining their future viability. The digitization of the finance department, often referred to as "Digital Finance", covers the holistic digital transformation of finance tasks, organization and processes.

The aim is to use intelligent digital technologies to help better recognize changes in the business environment and to provide decision-makers with success-critical information. In particular, the quick and automated gathering and analysis of huge amounts of data and the use of AI and cloud technologies open up numerous opportunities for transforming the finance department into a strategic business partner.

Our Services

Digital CFO Agenda

Detecon helps you to analyze your CFO ecosystem (external trends and internal business requirements), derive an extended list of digitization initiatives including time and budget forecasts and to prioritize the initiatives in order to set up a strategic digital CFO agenda.

Digital Planning & Reporting

Detecon helps you to optimize your planning and reporting quality and to significantly increase your efficiency with the help of integrated, digital and scalable tools. Based on the conceptual evaluation of your current planning and reporting landscape, we offer you support in setting up new planning and reporting logics and processes and in implementing digital tools that convert your company-wide data into decision-relevant information.

Digital Financial Steering

Detecon helps you to define and implement a holistic management model for the introduction of new digital business models. In addition to control instruments, control levers and KPIs, this also includes the definition of organisational structures and processes for control.

Finance Process Automation

Detecon helps you streamline and automate your financial processes with software solutions. The aim is to reduce your manual and transactional financial activities, improve efficiency and accuracy and speed up your financial processes while minimizing errors and costs.

Predictive Analytics & Big Data

Detecon helps you to identify value drivers and relevant finance KPIs, build a platform for data-driven financial planning and define use cases for predictive analytics to make predictions and well-founded decisions about future financial events and trends and increase efficiency in financial planning.