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“Best of Consulting” Award from WirtschaftsWoche: Detecon once again receives multiple honors!

  • First place for the special award “Data & Analytics” to the project “Data Analytics for Causes of Delays” for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
  • Second place in the categories “Female Consultant of the Year” and “Female Consultants”
  • Third place in the category “Finance” for the digital trading project at Uniper

Cologne/Düsseldorf, 30 November 2022. The management and technology consultancy Detecon has received multiple honors in the renowned “Best of Consulting” competition organized annually by WirtschaftsWoche. Just as last year, the T-Systems subsidiary Detecon won a category, this year the special award “Data & Analytics”: the top spot went to a project for the fully automated classification of the causes of train delays at Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). In the categories “Female Consultants” and “Female Consultant of the Year”, which were awarded in tandem, Detecon won second place and was recognized for providing an attractive work environment for female consultants. The individual honor was awarded to consultant Daniela Drube, Senior Manager at Detecon, for her successful client projects and her commitment on behalf of female consultants. The success was rounded off with third place in the “Finance” category for a change management project to digitalize commodity trading at the energy utility Uniper (Team: Daniela Drube, Karla Blanke, Kiana Gemünd). The teams headed by Detecon project managers Gernot Stocker (Data & Analytics), Daniela Drube (Finance), and Detecon CHRO Simone Wamsteker accepted the awards during a festive gala evening at the Hotel KÖ59 in Düsseldorf on November 29.

Detecon took first place in the special award “Data & Analytics” for its project “Data Analytics for Causes of Delays” for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Railroad experts, data engineers, and data scientists under the leadership of Daniele Guidetti (SBB) and Gernot Stocker (Detecon) closely cooperated in the development of the data analytics software solution “Capture of Schedule Aberrations” (EFA) and in other activities. The solution classifies the causes of delays fully automatically and reveals their impact on other trains and routes. The program relieves SBB employees of the need to execute manual processes and gives them more time and opportunity to evaluate consistently and eliminate systematic causes of train delays.


Detecon honored for attractive work environment for female consultants

In the tandem categories “Female Consultants” and “Female Consultant of the Year”, Detecon was awarded second place in recognition of its general conditions for female consultants with active project management responsibility. The category focuses on addressing industry challenges such as the reconciliation of family and profession. Detecon addresses this issue by paying special attention to the needs and interests of female consultants and part-time employees during project staffing, to exclusive mentoring and career coaching for women, and to the promotion of employees even when they are on parental leave. “We regard our female consultants as talented individuals who have choices in career, family, and personal interests and who have the freedom to use them confidently,” emphasizes CHRO Simone Wamsteker. “Diversity is for us a strategic goal at the highest level!”

Daniela Drube received an award in the “Female Consultant of the Year” competition as a protagonist who personifies especially well the success of women as consultants. Although the mother of twins, she completed Detecon’s fast-track program from consultant to senior manager in just six years, including the time of her parental leave, and simultaneously founded the “Consultant Moms”, a Detecon community that develops support measures for the reconciliation of the roles of consultant and mother. “I am delighted about the award, but I would like to see a better situation for daycare places in Germany and greater understanding of the role of fathers or other caregivers as obvious; part-time models or absences to care for sick children for these individuals are often not socially accepted,” says Daniela Drube.

Daniela Drube’s high level of expertise was also impressively demonstrated by her successful “Algo Change” project for the energy utility Uniper. The Detecon team led by Daniela won third place in the “Finance” category of the Best of Consulting Award in recognition of their change management project for the consistent digitalization of commodity trading. Responsive change activities — i.e., that are regularly fine-tuned — and clear value propositions ensured a strong positioning of the digital unit and the related technologies at Uniper.

The winning team in the "Data & Analytics" category: Steffen Roos, Gernot Stocker (Project Manager), Daniele Guidetti (SBB). Left moderator Susanne Schöne, right laudator Axel Wachholz
Second place for Daniela Drube (centre) in the "Female Consultant of the Year" category and for Detecon (Simone Wamsteker on the left, Karla Blanke on the right) in the "Female Consultants" category
Third place in the Finance category: from left to right: Pascal Scheffler (formerly Uniper), Daniela Drube, Stephan van Aaken (Uniper), Karla Blanke, Volker Rieger
The entire Detecon team gathered at the Best of Consulting: From left to right: Steffen Roos, Daniela Drube, Simone Wamsteker, Ralf Pichler, Daniele Guidetti (SBB), Gernot Stocker, Volker Rieger

Gerhard Auer
Press Spokesperson