Smart Mobility - Data Sharing as an Enabler for Smart Ecosystems

Shared, multimodal ecosystems are the future of mobility - and data are the basic building blocks to make them happen. Sharing-based mobility ecosystems are a sensible solution for achieving the most important goals in the mobility world: reducing traffic volumes and distributing them better.

In addition to intelligent traffic control concepts, new cooperation models are needed between mobility providers and mobility infrastructure operators in the sense of a smart business network. The collection, exchange and intelligent use of data play a central role here. However, cooperation in this area is still proceeding too hesitantly.

How do industry experts and company representatives assess how the handling of data in their organizations will change and develop? What challenges must be overcome for collaborations in this context to succeed from a commercial, as well as a technical, perspective?

Be inspired by our insights into the challenges of mobility of the future as well as possible solutions from our industry and technical experts.

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Smart Mobility - Data Sharing as an Enabler for Smart Ecosystems

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