Risk, Security & Compliance

Heightening Information and IT Security in the Company

How do I protect valuable information which creates important competitive advantages for me? Are business data in the cloud really secure? Has the risk from all imaginable threats been minimized by and large? What defense mechanisms are even available?

One thing is clear: without appropriate security precautions, every company is defenseless and vulnerable to the many threatening scenarios existing today. Complete and total security is not possible, but what measures make good sense in what situation and at what cost? We will be glad to help you to find the solutions which are right for you and to implement them!

The potential dangers range from industrial espionage, virus infections, software errors to human failure to natural disasters. So it is indispensable to start with an information security management system (ISMS) which comprehensively identifies and evaluates the risks and defines suitable actions. Its foundation comes from detailed knowledge of ISO 27001 or ISO 22301; created in 2012, they are the first internationally recognized standard for business continuity management.

But the race between the tortoise and the hare is accelerating. Defending against the most recent threats while going it alone is impossible, even negligent. Cooperation with external experts who ward off far and away the majority of espionage attempts by organizing the utilization of encryption techniques, password guidelines, certificates, and malware filters is urgently recommended.

Creating the prerequisites for effective protection of the most important information assets is one of the core tasks of a company’s top managers.


Detecon’s security services cover the following areas:

  • Information security in accordance with ISO 27001
  • Business continuity management
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud security
  • Mobile device security
  • Mobile payment security
  • Connected Car: integrated safety and security
  • Secure networks (any-to-any encryption)
  • SAP security
  • Enterprise architecture and security
  • Enterprise risk management
  • IT risk management (based on OpenGroup FAIR standard and others)
  • Coordination of existing compliance activities within a verifiably effective compliance organization (certifiable)
  • Coaching on specific compliance issues