Johannes Schwerin works as a Detecon consultant in various industries and topics. With a focus on agile issues and organisational development, he works to find ways for organisations to work together effectively and with sustainable success.

Through his studies in Intercultural Communication (LMU), he discovered his passion for how people work together. He demonstrates this in workshops & trainings of various kinds. From change measures to enablement in digital tools (Salesforce, Office 365, etc.), his focus was on making everyday work easier for people. At Detecon, he also focuses on promoting digitalisation and agilisation in companies.

The focus is on people in the work environment. Johannes generally pursues this approach in his consulting work with the conviction that every digital or business solution is only as good as it is made accessible to the employees and can be integrated into everyday life.

Core competencies:

  • Agile project management and agile organisational development
  • Facilitation and training skills
  • Organisational development
  • Change management and communication strategies