Jochen Dinger

Managing Partner

+49 171 5312389

Jochen Dinger is responsible for telecommunication strategies with focus on B2B. In this area he oversaw large national and international teams providing consultancy services for carriers, regulators, and large companies. Among others the largest mobile operator in China, companies in Europe, Africa, and the Arab world.

Jochen studied economics at the University of Mannheim, Konstanz, and Bristol. He started his career in the telecommunication industry as consultant in the 90s during the turbulent changes of market liberalization in which traditional business models were upend. The gained experience in network rollout, interconnection, Wholesale and regulation for German and European carriers and the EU-Commission provided an excellent basis for consulting of companies, engulfed in a similar shift, worldwide.

In recent years, Jochens work focused on the impact of digitization within large companies and carriers. The disappearing boundaries in the wake of softwarization of core company structures and the fusion with the underlying network and cloud systems require entirely new solution and implementation strategies. To develop these together with clients will stay the focus of his work also in the future.

Core competencies:

  • Strategy with focus digital interconnection
  •  Interdependence of technical options and its financial as well as its strategic implications
  • Implementation of strategies and ideas into network and production realities, organizational design, processes, portfolios, and sales procedures
  • Complex Benchmarks of internal cost and process structures as well as the evaluation of  market positions