Isabell Neubert is manager in the Co-Innovation department of the Digital Engineering Center. Her consulting work focuses on digital ethics, trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and value-based innovation management, as well as cross-cutting topics including co-innovation methods and digital service design.

Isabell studied Industrial Design for her Bachelor's degree and Strategic Product and Innovation Development for her Master's degree. After graduation, she completed a postgraduate program at Deutsche Telekom.

In various consultancy projects in the field of digital ethics for technologies, she strived to design helpful and user-centered products and services for the innovation and development areas enabling them to develop trustworthy applications. New technologies and their unpredictable opportunities, as well as risks, require new models of collaboration, transparency, and awareness to enable the benefits for all.

Core competencies:

  • Identifying trends, their correlation with deeper values and culture, and their relevance and impact on business
  • Apply creativity, co-innovation and participatory design methodologies to identify and shape new product, service or business ideas and strategies
  • User-centered conceptualization and design of digital products and services, and the application of agile methods to their implementation