Elina Weiss is a Consultant at Detecon Consulting and is assigned to the Business Technology chapter. Here she advises national and international companies from a variety of industries on the topics of sustainability and digitization. 

In her master's degree at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Elina specialized in strategic management. In her professional career, she gained experience in sustainability strategies, strategic human resource development, and supply chain management. In her current projects at Detecon, Elina is working on climate change mitigation strategies, climate change mitigation and adaptation enablement, and requirements management and enterprise architecture. 

Elina's vision is to embed future-oriented thinking more strongly in corporate strategies in order to strengthen the value and necessity of sustainability and digitalization. She believes that these issues are closely related to business efficiency and profitability.

Core competencies

  • Development of corporate strategies 
  • Sustainability topics such as corporate carbon footprint, product carbon footprint, and enablement 
  • Requirements management 
  • Digitalization strategies and digital transformation
  • International project work