Detecon Alumni heute: Thorsten Weber

When did you work at Detecon? What was your role here?

I worked at Detecon from 2006 to 2014, first in the Practice Strategy & Marketing, later in the Cluster International Telco. After graduating from university, I joined the company as Business Analyst  and “worked my way up” to Managing Consultant.

What were the most exciting Detecon moments for you?

To be honest, my whole time there was exciting. My many projects abroad took me all around the globe (including Bangkok, Cairo, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Moscow, Riyadh, Seattle, Tokyo, and Tripoli) and I worked in places where I also lived for several months. The project highlights were the development of the mobile network service provider Etisalat Misr in Egypt, the implementation of Internet services in aircraft in collaboration with Lufthansa, and the creation of a bid book for a mobile network license in Myanmar for the client Sumitomo. Possibly one of the most nerve-wracking moments was when I had to fly out of Libya at the outbreak of the Arab Spring. A strategy presentation before Mukesh Ambani, the founder of Jio in India, was certainly the most exciting moment from a consultant’s point of view.

And what are you doing today?

I took the step out of the “Magenta Universe” and into the world of the “Reds” and today I am Senior Strategy Manager at Vodafone Germany in Düsseldorf. With the acquisition of Kabel Deutschland and, more recently, UnityMedia, as well as other projects, I work every day to attack Deutsche Telekom’s monopoly position and to improve the competitive situation in Germany.

What did you value especially highly about your job at Detecon, and what do you miss from this time?

I experienced Detecon as the melting pot of an enormously diverse group of characters, and I valued highly the collegial solidarity and great cooperative spirit. The back office in Bonn/Cologne was always there to support me when I was far away, the team headed by Ulrike Eberhard felt like a family, and consultant colleagues became close friends for life during the projects abroad.

What 3 hashtags would you use to describe Detecon?





Thank you for the interview, Thorsten!