Catena-X: Opportunities and Recommendations

Catena-X aims at creating a data ecosystem that enables every player along the automotive value chain to provide transparency and new opportunities for cross-company collaboration along the whole chain. The platform was designed with the objective of providing a user-friendly environment, while maintaining trust, security, data-sovereignty, and the idea of being open for every interested party along the automotive value chain.

Sharing data across the value chain not only implements use cases to help fulfilling compliance regulations as well as improve efficiency, quality and transparency across the whole chain, but also unlocks opportunities for new data-driven revenue streams. On the other hand, sharing data and providing transparency might also carry risks like giving away competitive advantages that must be assessed and be prevented effectively by the ecosystem.

To use the full potential of the platform, several use cases were defined and will be successively implemented, including real time information and traceability as well as opportunities to improve flexibility of collaboration between all stakeholders along the whole value chain – from material and components suppliers over OEMs to recycling companies.

Detecon Consulting provides professional advisory services that help setting up the roadmap to unleash the individual value from joining Catena-X. As the advisory unit within T-Systems, who is member of the Catena-X consortium and association, we have deep insights into the Catena-X network and hence are capable of advising you in your individual situation and assess possible benefits, costs, and risks. With our advisory approach and using a data space solution from T-Systems that is similar to the Catena-X technology, you can gain your first practical experience with data spaces in your company’s own environment in a first Proof of Concept to demonstrate the benefits from using data spaces to exchange data along the value chain.