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Shaping the 5G Lifecycle

Network operators worldwide are facing major challenges in the roll-out of 5G. Our best practices help you to act quickly and decisively - across the entire 5G lifecycle.

From defining, evaluating and piloting 5G use cases, to planning the necessary architecture and selecting the right technology platform, to operations and ongoing network optimisation.

The lifecycle of 5G extends over five stages. Each of these stages places individual requirements on network operators and focuses on different aspects. Detecon has developed specialized tools to be able to support you optimally and with maximum transparency at each stage.

Our Services


We help to define, evaluate and pilot 5G use cases and accompany you in the search for partners within the ecosystem. 5G strategies require a holistic view of spectrum, operation, infrastructure and cloudification aspects - taking into account the regional regulatory framework. The most important fields of action in this context are:

  • 5G use cases, their requirements and market potential.
  • Ecosystem partnership and prototyping
  • Regulatory consultation, spectrum strategy and auctions
  • Harmonised technology strategy taking all "Gs" into account
  • Telco Cloudification Strategy
  • Operational and organisational changes in the context of 5G


Many new aspects come into play when it comes to deploying 5G networks on a larger scale.  We help you plan your holistic 5G architecture, taking into account legacy components and state-of-the-art concepts coming to market with 5G. These include for example:

  • 5G architecture options (NSA, SA, oRAN).
  • Spectrum re-framing and sharing (DSS)
  • Edge computing
  • SDN, NFV, Cloudification
  • Network slicing
  • Network sharing
  • Tool-based consulting and planning approach (see below)


We support operators worldwide in selecting the best and most cost-effective technology platform to upgrade their networks to 5G.

  • Proven methodologies for tender preparation, execution and evaluation (RfI, RfP, RfQ).
  • Procurement and managed service strategy definition


Our cross-technology experience with network rollouts on all continents enables effective and efficient action in the following areas:

Integration of network components:

  • Integration of SW services into a cloud environment.
  • Acceptance processes and compatibility testing
  • OpenRAN & multi-vendor integration
  • Operations integration

Network deployment:

  • Site survey preparation and execution
  • Vendor, rollout and migration management
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Tool-based support and crowd analytics


The move towards 5G is challenging the lifecycle of network operations and opening up new opportunities for network optimisation and automation. We help our customers in the following areas:

  • Network operations lifecycle management (maintenance, performance, repair, upgrade, scheduling).
  • Zero-touch automation (e.g. RPA)
  • Enterprise transformation through 5G
  • Organisational impact of virtualisation, TOM, DevOps
  • Network performance audits and in-life optimisation


Using our teams' in-depth knowledge of technology and networks, we apply state-of-the-art network planning and simulation tools.

  • Radio planning tools for indoor and area planning (across mobile generations, including MIMO).
  • Network capacity planning and forecasting (NetWorks)
  • Campus Network Cost Modelling Tool
  • Crowd-sourced Analytics

Detecon Dresden develops NetWorks as a comprehensive software system for strategic and technical planning as well as cost optimisation of telecommunications networks. Learn more here.


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