The Hospital Future Act (KHZG)

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Digital Update for your Hospital

The Hospital Future Act (KHZG) is the government-funded "digital update" for the hospital landscape. The investment program of 4.3 billion euros is intended to modernize the digital infrastructure of hospitals. A large number of German hospitals are currently lacking interoperability and structured data transfer in particular, which means that the majority of hospitals are below the digital maturity level.

Hospital Specific Challenges

  • Dealing with public procurement law
  • Project management
  • Managing human resources
  • Clear understanding of roles
  • Organizational changes
  • Overview of technical requirements
  • Historically grown isolated applications
  • Securing IT infrastructure
  • Digitization and IT strategy
  • System strategy

Our Services

We guide you from the digitization strategy, through procurement, funding management to implementation and further development. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on technical-strategic solutions and customer-specific results. Our teams collaborate interdisciplinary and across national borders. Mostly in cooperation with colleagues from Switzerland and Austria. We align our consulting approach in each project phase with the specific clinical and process needs of our customers. Thus, we ensure responsible, successful and individual support. 

Sustainable digitization strategy
Comprehensive procurement management
KHZG Project Management
System implementation
Audits (§ 25 para. 1 sentence 1; § 25 para. 1 sentence 2 KHSFV)
Grant Management
Maturity assessment
Transformation and Change management

Our KHZG Team

Our Detecon KHZG team combines a large number of experts from the healthcare sector, e.g., doctors, medical IT specialists, health economists, and digital health specialists. We combine various competencies and bring together many years of experience from the healthcare sector with our technological knowledge. We know the requirements of the hospital landscape in order to achieve precisely tailored results. Let's exploit potential together and drive digitalization forward!