Internet of Things (IoT)

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The IoT Architecture as a Concept for Success

In today's competitive environment, companies are looking for ways to quickly reduce costs, improve business processes and develop new business areas. In practice, yesterday's technologies often do not produce satisfactory results or provide the desired competitive advantage.

However, ready-to-use technology already exists to address many operational challenges: Adding sensors to process equipment, networking them, and connecting them to a data platform creates a cyber-physical IoT architecture. This IoT architecture is capable of providing meaningful data. This can be analyzed to, for example, save energy, improve reliability and increase throughput in manufacturing. This is not a futuristic vision, but a modern method in numerous process plants around the world.

We Support You in Building Your IoT Strategy

In order to use the IoT successfully and productively, a clear strategy for identifying, developing and implementing profitable and scalable IIoT products and services must emerge alongside the relevant use cases.

The focus shifts from the question: "What could the IoT do?" to the questions: "Where can it be applied?", "How does it fit into business objectives?" and "How does it create value for businesses?". 

We support you in defining the potential of the "Internet of Things" for your company and accompany you from the initial analysis to the development of a suitable strategy and the implementation of concrete results.

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