Are you already exploiting your sales potential?

Studies show that one in five consumers is willing to pay 20% more for a personalised product or service.

For sustainable products, the willingness to pay is even higher.

Why is that?

  • End customers become active shapers and prosumers who give companies their personalised wishes and individual requirements.
  • This offers companies the opportunity to adapt their products and services to customer wishes in terms of experience design in order to increase customer satisfaction and to charge a higher price for it.
  • Companies offer customers at the beginning of the customer journey to personalise a product by design, colour, features, etc. and to share the conguration with friends to further express their personal needs.
  • Customer needs and trends can be analysed and recognised at an early stage by tracking configuration data, so that the product portfolio offered can be constantly optimised according to customer wishes.

From consumer to prosumer

How can we support you?

  • Analyse the implications for the existing business model and assess whether customisation is the right choice for your company from a customer experience perspective (product/service structure, pricing strategy, channel mix, business case, etc.).
  • Tapping into customer needs to understand the different segments of the customer base and their characteristics (pain & gain analysis).
  • Visualisation of the actual/target customer journey, for highlighting customer interaction points and for creating unique and personalised customer experiences, incl. documentation with suitable journey management tool.
  • Agile product and service portfolio management that can react flexibly to changing customer needs.

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