Trends for the Next Decade #6

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Reliance for Digital Services

Do you know how much you can rely on your digital services? Digital business models unfold a high value for our society, not least in times of the pandemic. Digital services are increasingly confronted with cyber threats. The growing share of digital technologies in value creation must therefore be protected against attacks and threats from cyber space. Cyber security is thus a central component of a sustainable and resilient corporate strategy.

Our Recommended Actions

  • Create a sense of urgency for Cyber Risks at board level​.​
  • Conduct a threat modelling to map your threat landscape​.​
  • Define and develop a Cyber Security Strategy – keep it simple and straight forward​.​
  • Apply a risk-based approach​.​
  • Address the weakest link in the Cyber defense – create awareness and train your team​.
  • Follow industry best practices and build upon existing resources​.​
  • Integrate digital engineering capabilities into your corporate learning journey​.​
  • Create a Cyber Security aware company culture​.

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