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Improving the climate with Green IT

Living responsibility, enabling sustainability - companies should follow this maxim! Effective contributions to climate protection come not least from digital technologies that can help reduce emissions and conserve resources.

We support our customers in using digital approaches to be well positioned for an ecologically sustainable future. We ourselves aim to be climate-neutral by 2030. We also want to open up this perspective to all our customers - as a concrete goal or as a positive secondary effect of our consulting.

Let us act together in the spirit of ecological sustainability in such a way as to ensure an intact environment for all people of present and future generations.

Our Sustainibility Community

Our Sustainability Community

With the Sustainability Community, we offer a platform for all employees to discuss and implement ideas and activities on the topic of sustainability and to exchange knowledge. Among other things, we invite external experts to continuously strengthen our competence in the conscious use of resources. And finally, of course, we want to help make Detecon itself, i.e., our employer, even more environmentally friendly: For example, we are currently in the final stages of determining Detecon's CO2 footprint.



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