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Detecon and Workboard Agree on Partnership for OKR Leadership Methods

Agile realization of digital strategies

The OKR (objectives and key results) method makes possible agile realization of digital strategies down to the level of specific employee teams

Up-to-date data about project progress assure optimized risk management

Cologne, 24/09/2018.  Detecon, the management and technology consultancy, and Workboard, the American provider of strategic software solutions, have agreed to a partnership for the sale and implementation of management methods based on the OKR platform Workboard Enterprise. With the aid of management tools such as OKR (objectives and key results), companies can model agile (i.e., dynamically changing) objectives and the work and team structures required for this in a transparent organizational and steering system. The method comes from Silicon Valley and is employed there by many successful companies to link effectively the daily work of employees with strategic goals.

The partnership of Detecon and Workboard aims to make it possible for corporate customers to iterate, activate, and realize their own digital strategies faster. To accomplish this, Detecon has expanded its consulting competencies relating to digital transformation and future work: employees have now been certified according to the methodology of Results Accelerator Coaching and as experts for the results platform of the Active Strategy Management of Workboard.

“Management methods such as OKR address effectively typical difficulties that often arise for new digital strategies. Progress is often not quantified objectively with the consequence that it is difficult to recognize risks at an early stage,” was how Philipp Schett, Managing Consultant at Detecon and expert for strategy and innovation, explained the challenges. “Moreover, there is generally little transparency in the overall organization so that almost no data about strategic priorities and effects are available and there is almost no influence on our everyday implementation decisions.”

Workboard visualizes networks and results of autonomous, self-managing teams within a company.

Since Workboard visualizes in user-friendly form action targets for individual teams and team members as well as their current stage of implementation for all affected employees at all times, the management system provides objective data material for all involved parties so that projects can be constantly adjusted in good time. Networks of autonomous, self-steering teams are enabled to modify themselves objectives and key result in the corporate strategy. Data-controlled automated dashboards from the Workboard web and mobile application as well as the possible integration with the company’s own implementation system for metric data serve as aids.

“There are plenty of studies that document the enormous discrepancies between communication and realization of digital strategies in particular. This is all the more true of companies operating globally and with a traditional hierarchy. Closing gaps of this nature is the most important part of any digital transformation,” noted Deidre Paknad, CEO and co-founder of Workboard, Inc. “We are delighted about the partnership with Detecon that will enable global companies to activate as quickly as possible as well as to adjust and iterate their bold strategies for competition in a fast-changing world.”

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