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Change in the Detecon Management

CEO Prof. Dr. Heinrich Arnold is leaving the company

Important milestone reached: for the first time, external revenue is higher than business within the Telekom group

Detecon growth path will be continued and strengthened by a new alliance

Köln, 31. January 2019. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Arnold, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Detecon International GmbH, the leading management and technology consultancy and subsidiary of T-Systems International GmbH (one of the world's leading vendor independent providers of digital services and subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG), will be leaving the company at his own request per 1 February 2019. Sven Erdmann, co-managing director and Detecon CFO, will in the interim lead the business of Detecon International GmbH with the support of a team made up of Detecon Managing Partners.

In his position as CEO, Arnold has been in charge of the strategic further development of Detecon as a leading service provider for “Digital Consulting Made in Germany” since 2016 and has successfully realized many different initiatives for the company’s expansion in that time. With his departure from Detecon, Arnold will simultaneously be leaving Telekom Group, a corporation with which he has been associated in various executive positions since 2004. Before becoming CEO at the T-Systems subsidiary Detecon, he was for many years the director of the Group’s R&D at Telekom Laboratories (T-Labs) with locations in Germany, Silicon Valley, and Israel.

Detecon-CEO Prof. Dr. Heinrich Arnold

“I can look back at exciting years, noteworthy especially for innovation, in the Telekom family. I am proud that we have been able to reposition Detecon strategically over the last three years and to lead the company to extraordinary successes. I would like to thank the Deutsche Telekom Management Board and the Detecon Supervisory Board for the many years of trust they have shown to me as well as my entire team for their professional commitment. Together, we have succeeded in developing Detecon from a telecommunications specialist into one of the leading management and technology consultancies for digitalization in Germany,” said Arnold.

Christian Till Roga, Supervisory Board chairman: “My heartfelt thanks go to Heinrich Arnold for his untiring efforts, and I am delighted that Detecon today has an outstanding position on the market thanks to his dedicated leadership. He has made a decisive contribution to laying the foundation for continued positive development. This is documented in no small degree by the economic and strategic developments at Detecon over the past two years. We wish to thank him as well for his care in handing over his responsibilities in recent weeks; we will remain in contact with him and wish him all the best for the future. Detecon is now moving into a new phase in the context of the T-Systems digital strategy as part of the portfolio unit Digital Solutions and will continue to pursue rigorously its successful course of growth on the external market.”

Detecon drives course of growth forward

As Detecon looks ahead to the future, the company will continue to push forward on the course of growth it has taken. For the first time in the company’s history, the share of external revenues is higher than that of business within Telekom Group.  Detecon has further strengthened its image on the external market and has in the meantime become one of the most important players for digitalization consulting on the German market. The combination of technological expertise, years of experience in digitalization from projects all around the globe, business know-how, and the intense expansion of its own digitalization ecosystem enable Detecon to drive this growth forward.

“It is certainly no secret that the digital consulting of the future will require ever greater technology expertise and a high degree of agility that incorporates flexible, but precisely fitting networking of experts for complex, digital ecosystems in particular. It is becoming increasingly important to support clients from innovation to prototyping to implementation, and that is what we are already successfully doing in many projects with our Berlin Digital Engineering Center for Cyber Security, Analytical Intelligence, Co-Innovation, and Industrial IoT,” said Erdmann.

Detecon a consulting pillar of Digital Solutions

At the same time, Detecon represents a core component of the portfolio unit Digital Solutions established in spring of 2018 as an association of Detecon with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and T-Systems Global Systems Integration; in this position, it makes a major contribution to the build-up of Europe’s leading digital service provider of about 4,800 digital experts and an integrated end-to-end approach with consulting, co-innovation, and system integration solutions.

As a member of this new alliance, Detecon is rigorously pursuing its Beyond Consulting approach, a significant step forward in traditional consulting methods adapted to meet the demands of digitalization today and in the future. “We are building on ecosystems and co-innovation for ourselves as well as for our clients. This Beyond Consulting approach we have developed in the last few years embodies our understanding of consulting services of the future. In this sense, this involvement in this new alliance is the next logical step toward consulting services of the future and at the same time a strong added-value chain both outside of and within Telekom Group,” emphasized Erdmann.

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