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Accelerating Digitization in Schools

Detecon and m2more enter into partnership

  • Experts for digitization and public institutions bundle their competencies
  • Detecon and m2more support schools in the creation and implementation of media development plans. This is how schools receive funding from the DigitalPakt Schule (Digital Pact for Schools)
  • Further education and IT operations are included in the planning

Cologne/Berlin, September 30, 2020 - Detecon and m2more support schools on their way to becoming digital classrooms. For this purpose, they are bundling their competencies. Together, the two partners advise schools throughout Germany on the creation of media development plans (MEP) and on their implementation. This in turn enables them to receive funding from the German government's DigitalPakt Schule. 5 billion euros have been available since last year. So far, only a fraction of this has been called up. This is because, among other things, there has been a lack of experts in media education and IT operations to advise school boards and schools and accompany them on their digitalization journey.

Harald Melcher (left), Managing Partner of m2more, and Carsten Glohr, Managing Partner at Detecon.

The new partners want to change this. Detecon is an expert in digital transformation. m2more specializes in digitization consulting for organizations and public institutions in the fields of education and media. They know the challenges faced by schools. But also the success factors for the use of digital media.

After a comprehensive analysis, the companies develop a target picture for digital media use with the schools and their school board. This data then flows into the MEP. But the partners offer even more: accompanying project and change management, concepts for IT operation, for service and support, for further training - and, if desired, always also support during their implementation. In this way, school authorities receive professional support on their way to becoming "digital schools. The schools themselves gain security in the integration of digital technology and in daily operation according to their needs. And teachers learn how to use digital media, tools and content in their lessons in a contemporary and confident manner.

Of course, the two partners also take into account important aspects such as data protection, sustainability and follow-up costs in all their offerings.

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